Thompson Park

For many years, the property now known as Thompson Park served as a home to Seton and Eleanor Thompson, who resided there until they passed away in 2009. Upon their passing, the Thompsons willed the property to the Town of Belleair, instructing that it be used as a park to benefit current and future residents alike. Soon after, Thompson Park was approved and renovated, and it now stands as one of Belleair's largest and most-used parks, complete with benches, a fountain, and scenic waterfront views.

The walking path in Thompson Park that has alongside it a bench, fountain, and signageA white, three-tiered fountain in Thompson Park with trees and the Clearwater Harbor behindA view of the green space in Thompson Park from alongside an oak tree
A bench along the path in Thompson Park that is engraved "Ellen & Bob Snibbe"A dedication plaque and decorative sculpture in Thompson Park that sits along the walking pathA view of the Clearwater Harbor from the edge of Thompson Park

Nature trail
Scenic intercoastal views

Map and Directions