1. Belleair&#39s entrance at Rosery Road, which will soon be closed for construction.

    Largo's Rosery Road Project Begins September 3

    Largo's Rosery Road Project starts on September 3. This project will run on Rosery Road from the Pinellas Trail to Missouri Avenue. Due to this, the Rosery Road entrance will be closed until project completion and residents should plan alternate routes.
  2. A solid waste employee empties trash into a truck on a rainy day in Belleair

    "Put a Lid On It" - Reduce Water In Your Trash Bins

    It's rainy season in Florida and that means moisture risks for trash collection. Help waste-to-energy facilities burn more efficiently and reduce mosquito breeding by putting a lid on your trash bins while they are outdoors.
  3. Pinellas County Mosquito Control employee wearing a mask and using a machine to spray for mosquitos

    Mosquito Prevention Is Possible

    Frequent rains and standing water can attract mosquitoes. You can do your part by dumping standing water and putting lids on open containers. But did you know that Pinellas County Mosquito Control can help too? Learn More About Mosquito Control
  4. An aerial view of Belleair with text underneath that reads &#34Alert Pinellas: In emergencies, stay

    Stay Informed for Hurricane Season: Register for Alert Pinellas

    As hurricane season continues over the next few months, remember to register for Alert Pinellas in order to receive emergency alerts from Pinellas County and the Town of Belleair. Learn More
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