Infrastructure Board

The Infrastructure Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Commission to oversee the implementation, operation, effectiveness, and status of the Town’s infrastructure. The Board also reviews engineering plans to provide recommendations for project timelines and funding to improve upon or maintain the infrastructure needs of Belleair. 


The Infrastructure Board consists of seven members from various professional backgrounds.

  • Term of office: Two years, staggered
  • Meetings: Scheduled as needed on the first Monday of the month at 5:00 pm. 
  • Staff: Ashley Bernal, Assistant to the Town Manager 


The current Infrastructure Board members are listed below.

  • Doug Pace - Chair (serving since 2011)
  • Shon Flaharty - Vice Chair (serving since 2016)
  • James White (serving since 2011)
  • John Hail (serving since 2011)
  • Joe Oder (serving since 2017)
  • Gayle Grady (serving since 2020)
  • George Mariani (serving since 2020)