Finance Board

The Finance Board advises the Town Commission and reviews any issue of fiscal significance to the Town government and the public. The Board reviews management’s annual updates and preparation of the Town’s five-year strategic financial plan, annual budget, and capital improvement plan. The board also reviews the overall financial policies which may include investments, pensions, insurance, capital replacement schedules, and other items. 


The Finance Board consists of seven members and is composed of citizens from various professional backgrounds.

  • Term of office: Two years, staggered
  • Meetings: 3rd Thursday of January, February, March, April, June, July, August and October at 4:00 pm. Additional meetings scheduled as needed
  • Staff: Stefan Massol, Director of Support Services


The current Finance Board members are listed below.

  • Thomas Olson - Chair
  • Daniel Hartshorne - Vice Chair
  • John Hail
  • James Ingersoll
  • Kevin Piccarreto
  • John Prevas
  • Commission Advisor: Mayor Mike Wilkinson
  • Board Consultant: Richard Cristini