Strategic Planning

Embarking on Belleair’s First Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2018, the residents of Belleair came together to produce our town’s first strategic plan. It took the whole community to assemble this plan, and we, the Commission of the Town of Belleair, can not thank you all enough for the time, dedication, and passion you have shown to our local government throughout the process.

In its essence, this plan is by, from, and for you - Belleair’s residents. For over a year, we and our consultants engaged with you through interviews, community forums, surveys, and conversations that informed the outcomes of this plan.

Now, we are ready to hit the ground running with a plan that reflects our community’s needs, wishes, and goals. This plan will help us make better, more informed decisions based on data and achievable goals, and will set us on a path to achieve a future that we have envisioned together. Some of the key takeaways are available in the below-linked report and a more detailed document will be released in the coming months.

Download the Town of Belleair Strategic Planning Process Report to the Community

Next Steps

Town staff, board members, and the Commission are currently working to draft action items to achieve the goals and objectives laid out in the Report to the Community. This work is expected to wrap up shortly. At that time, a full document will be uploaded here.

A man places a sticky note onto an interactive timeline of Belleair's history
Residents look over a handout distributed at Strategic Planning Community Forum I