Special Pickup

Special Pickup Overview and Instructions

In addition to twice-weekly garbage collection, the Solid Waste Department provides for the special collection of yard waste, bulk debris and miscellaneous household items. Special pickups are picked up only on Wednesdays for a minimum charge (see below). Please contact the Public Works Department to schedule a special pickup.

Any discarded material(s) scheduled for a special pickup should be placed at the curb on Wednesday, unless otherwise scheduled. It should be placed out no earlier than 24-hours in advance of a scheduled pick-up and should not present a health or safety hazard to the general public. Items shall be placed in separate piles as follows:

  • Yard waste
  • Household appliances, steel, aluminum and any other metal products
  • Miscellaneous - furniture, beds, etc. (small items such as dishes, lamps, clothing, etc. should be bagged or boxed)

The Solid Waste Department's "Jaws" or grapple truck is equipped with a clam bucket attached to a hydraulically-operated boom with a 400-pound weight capacity. Its purpose is to collect bulk debris that is too heavy to be picked up by a solid waste worker, or too large for standard rear end loader collection. Debris placed at the curb for collection by this truck should be placed in an area free from obstructions (overhead wires, trees, poles or mailboxes). Logs over 4" in diameter and tree stumps should be kept separate from other yard waste and will be picked up by this "Jaws" truck.

The Solid Waste Department's trucks are subject to weight limits. Therefore, if you will be generating heavy debris from remodeling or construction work that requires a dumpster permit, please call the Building Department at (727) 588-3769 for information on roll-off services.

Special Pickup Fees

Special pickups (excluding palm fronds) which do not conform for regular collection

  • $69.09 per hour, billed in quarter-hour increments
  • $23.16 minimum charge per pickup
  • Additionally, if the special pickup requires the utilization of a whole truck's worth of yardage, the actual amount of tipping fees will be billed

Important Note

Per Belleair’s Code, Section 46-64, any individual or company doing work on residential property that produces yard recyclables and receives a fee or money for such work must remove the yard recyclables from the property at their own expense. Violation of Belleair’s Code of Ordinances may result in fines or other actions from the Belleair Police Department.

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