1. Seven members of Belleair&#39s public works team listen to their director as he points at trees need

    Town Offices Closed December 11 and 12

    As a reminder, Town of Belleair offices will be closed this Wednesday and Thursday (December 11 and 12) for in-service training. Police and solid waste services will continue as scheduled. For more information, call Town Hall at (727) 588-3769.
  2. Ashley Bernal holds her Employee of the Month certificate and a branded Belleair tote she designed o

    Great Job Ashley - Our November Employee of the Month

    Ashley from the Administration Department took on a lot last month, including planning two staff events, launching a new employee evaluation tool, assisting with the new budget year, and seeking innovative process solutions for Belleair. Way to go, Ash!
  3. A brown coyote stands in green grass

    Tips to Deter Coyotes

    In response to recent increases in coyote sightings, remember these tips. (1) Never leave pet food outside, (2) never walk your pets without a leash, and (3) clear brush or dense weeds on your property that coyotes may gravitate toward.
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