Watch Out for Scams

Be Smart: Keep An Eye Out for Scams

Fraudulent schemes and scam calls are an unfortunate reality these days, and it’s important to remain vigilant to avoid becoming a victim. Trust your gut! If a call, letter, or solicitation seems off, it probably is. Check out these helpful tips below to protect yourself, your family, and your finances.

Phone Calls, Letters, and Bills

Review the following tips about scam phone calls, letters, and bills:

  • A legitimate business will NEVER ask for a payment in the form of a gift card or cash in the mail
  • Do not give out banking information to a non-trusted or unverified source over the phone
  • The IRS, Medicare, or other government entities will not ask for your financial information over the phone
  • The Town of Belleair will not ask for payments or donations over the phone
  • If you receive a call saying a family member or grandchild is in trouble or an accident and the caller is asking for money, hang up and call them yourself or another family member to verify
  • Unusual bills or requests for money should always be verified - call the number you know, not the one they give you
  • Never hit re-dial or call back a number that tried to scam you! Instead, always directly call a number that you have verified


Most solicitors are not permitted in Belleair, per our Code of Ordinances. If you do have a solicitor contact you at your home, call us and we will come out to verify if they are a legitimate solicitor. Do not answer the door for someone you do not know, are not expecting, or that does not have proper identification. Lastly, Town employees will have a Town uniform on and a valid Town ID if coming to your door.

Silver badge with an eagle on top and the Florida seal in the middle. Badge reads "Officer Bellea
  1. Police Department

    Physical Address
    901 Ponce de Leon Boulevard
    Belleair, FL 33756

    Emergencies: 911

     Non-Emergency Police Dispatch
    (727) 588-3500

    (Dispatch is available 24/7/365 through the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office)

    Police Administration
    (727) 588-3769