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1. How do I report a Water Main Break?
2. How do I report Low Water Pressure?
3. How do I report a Water Leak?
4. How do I report my meter box is full of water?
5. How do I report a Leaking/Damaged Fire Hydrant?
6. Does the Town of Belleair charge for water meter Installation?
7. Why do Water Department Employees open fire hydrants?
8. Why does water need to be disinfected?
9. Why is the water brown?
10. How long will it take for brown water to clear up?
11. Is the Water Department doing anything about brown water?
12. Why does the water look milky?
13. Should I buy a water softener?
14. Should I buy a home filtration system?
15. Can I have my plumber turn off my water at the curb box?
16. What is my water pressure?
17. Why does my water have an odor?
18. Why is there a pink or black ring in my toilet?
19. What causes pinhole leaks?