1. Ashley Bernal holds her Employee of the Month certificate and a branded Belleair tote she designed o

    Great Job Ashley - Our November Employee of the Month

    Ashley from the Administration Department took on a lot last month, including planning two staff events, launching a new employee evaluation tool, assisting with the new budget year, and seeking innovative process solutions for Belleair. Way to go, Ash!
  2. A brown coyote stands in green grass

    Tips to Deter Coyotes

    In response to recent increases in coyote sightings, remember these tips. (1) Never leave pet food outside, (2) never walk your pets without a leash, and (3) clear brush or dense weeds on your property that coyotes may gravitate toward.
  3. Calleigh Ross smiles with her Employee of the Month certificate at the Dimmitt Community Center fron

    October Employee of the Month

    Calleigh Ross from the Recreation Department is our Employee of the Month. Calleigh has become the de facto marketing expert within the Recreation Department and also acted as our afterschool director when a co-worker was out of town. Way to go, Calleigh!
  4. An aerial view of Mr. Ahlf&#39s properties on Baybrook place - three houses and a large amount of gr

    Ahlf Baybrook Properties

    The Town of Belleair is not currently accepting offers for the properties owned by Mr. Bob Ahlf, but will be setting up a system to do so in the near future. Once available, all information regarding the sale will be linked on our website. Learn More
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