Water Schedule

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) has issued a modified Stage 1 Water Shortage for Pinellas County. We urge everyone to reduce wasteful and unnecessary water use and be prepared for more stringent restrictions if drought conditions worsen. 

Beginning, Dec. 1, 2023, Pinellas County will move to one-day-per-week watering for all water customers. The Town of Belleair will continue to maintain its current watering schedule, as it is in compliance with the county’s once-per-week rule. Please see Belleair’s watering restrictions/schedule below.

Click here for more information about SWFWMD district water restrictions

Click here to read Water Conservation details in the Town's Code of Ordinances

Lawn and Landscape Watering Regulations

Lawn and landscape watering is limited to a once-per-week schedule per the regulations below.

  • Please note that in the event of increased restrictions from the Southwest Florida Water Management District, such restrictions will supersede the Town of Belleair’s restrictions until rescinded and the Town returns to its original schedule
  • Properties less than two acres in size may only water before 8:00 am or after 6:00 pm
  • Properties two acres or larger may only water before 10:00 am or after 4:00, but should contact the Water Department at (727) 588-3795 for authorization prior to watering
  • Low-volume watering (micro-irrigation, soaker hoses, hand watering, etc.) of flower beds, shrubs, and other non-lawn plants is allowed on any day and at any time, if needed
  • Some exemptions are available, such as allowances for new plant establishment or the watering of chemicals (see below)

Watering Schedule By House Number

Last number of your address (house number) Assigned Watering Date
0 or 1 Water only on Mondays
2 or 3 Water only on Tuesdays
4 or 5 Water only on Wednesdays
6 or 7 Water only on Thursdays
8 or 9 (or properties with no discernable address) Water only on Fridays

Irrigation Exemptions

When chemicals are applied or new sod and/or landscaping is installed, please call the Water Department at 727-588-3795 for an exemption to water. The allowable "new plant establishment period” for all plant material is 60 days total and is broken out below in more detail.

  • On days 1–30, beginning the day of installation, the new plant material may be watered on ANY day of the week
  • On days 31–60, the new plant material may be watered approximately every other day. "Even" addresses may only water on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday and "odd" addresses may only water on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday.
  • On the day the plant material is installed, this extra watering may occur only ONCE during otherwise restricted hours
  • After the day of installation, this extra watering must be accomplished during allowable watering hours
  • There are additional limitations and exceptions for certain circumstances (see below)

Limitations and Exceptions

There are also some limitations and exemptions to the watering schedule, as provided below.

  • An entire zone in an irrigation system, however, may be used if the area the zone covers contains at least 50% new plant material
  • Irrigation system zones containing less than 50% new plant material must be watered by some other means, such as hand watering or a soaker hose, so that only the new plant material is irrigated