Park, Recreation & Tree Board

The newly-merged Park, Recreation & Tree Board works closely with the Public Works and Parks & Recreation Departments in several capacities. First, this group oversees the structure, plans, and beautification of public spaces in Town and seeks to preserve the natural aesthetics of Belleair as a Tree City USA. This board also works to promote recreational programs, activities, and events for residents of Belleair and of neighboring jurisdictions. Lastly, the Park, Recreation & Tree Board may make any recommendations directly to the Town Commission relative to strategic, short, and long-range plans for the Town of Belleair.


The Park, Recreation & Tree Board consists of seven members and is comprised of citizens from various professional backgrounds. Currently, the board includes one member of the Belleair Garden Club, one member of the Belleair Community Foundation, and one member of the Belleair Teen Council.

  • Term of office: Two years, staggered
  • Staff:  
    Kelly Bonefas, Interim Recreation Director
    Ryan Womack, Public Services Manager
  • Meetings:
    • August 21, 2023  
    • October 16, 2023  
    • January 22, 2024 

    • May 20, 2024 


The current Park, Recreation & Tree Board members are listed below.

  • Scott Coletti - Chair (serving since 2013)
  • Karla Rettstatt - Vice Chair (serving since 2021)
  • Sara Borger (serving since 2017)
  • Lissa Dexter (serving since 2022)
  • Kathy Hefele (serving since 2021)
  • Greg Savel (serving since 2013)
  • Belleair Teen Council designee