Hurricane Irma

FEMA Information

To find information about FEMA assistance from Hurricane Irma, click here.

Debris Collection

  • Thank you to all of our residents and community partners for being so supportive and patient throughout Hurricane Irma.
  • Please note that debris will only be collected if it is properly placed in the right-of-way (as displayed in the image at the bottom of this page). The Town asks for residents to do so as quickly as possible to ensure that Belleair can be cleaned up ASAP.
  • Some leaves may be left behind, as FEMA does not reimburse for leaf collection. It may take several weeks for sweeping crews to get to each street. Residents can help expedite the removal of leafy debris by raking and placing in bags or trash cans, and the Solid Waste Department will collect them free of charge on a rolling basis.

Updated Friday, September 22 at 2:00 pm:

  • The areas on the map below marked in black have had debris collected for a first-pass already. 
  • Even in completed first pass areas the town is seeing new debris being generated, this is to be expected as landscapers and tree companies address a backlog of customers.
  • The areas in red, namely portions of Indian Rocks Road, Roebling Road North, Roebling Road South, Woodlawn Avenue, the north side of Golf View Drive, Pineland Avenue, and Palm Avenue are marked for the next push of debris collection throughout town (to be completed by Monday, September 25). 
  • We will update the next set of roads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.As we move into neighborhoods, we will try to clear entire blocks at a time. 
  • Thank you for being patient, staff estimates there are currently over 8,500 cubic yards of debris around town. That is nearly 300 truckloads and 1,300 tons of material. Our contractors and town crews are working 7 days a week to restore Belleair to its pre-Irma beauty. 
  • If you have further questions please contact, Public Works at 727-588-3795. or

Debris Collection First Push Map
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