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Nov 13

Progress Update

Posted on November 13, 2015 at 4:35 PM by Christine Nicole

Storm pipe:

Storm pipe has been installed on Bayview Dr  from Manatee Dr north to approximately the south side of Sarasota Rd, including the baffle box.  The baffle box installation has also been completed and it is now fully operational. 

Potable water main:  

New potable water main and service lines have been installed and put into service from Manatee Dr north to the south side of Sarasota Rd. 


Road base and curbs have been placed from Manatee Dr at the south end of Bayview Dr,  to the south side of Orlando Rd.  Also,? the first lift of asphalt has been installed on this section of roadway. Restoration of irrigation systems and sodding is to be completed in the immediate future.

Street lights:

The street lights and poles have been reinstalled from Manatee Dr north to Orlando Rd. Wiring still needs to be completed and power service restored before becoming operational.