Crosswalk Construction

Project Overview

To increase pedestrian safety throughout Belleair, new crosswalks are being added along Indian Rocks Road. The construction of these crosswalks is a three-step process:

  1. Damaged sidewalks and curbs along Indian Rocks Road were replaced and upgraded in the summer of 2020
  2. In September, crossing locations were milled and resurfaced. This means the top layer of asphalt was removed and resurfaced with a new layer of asphalt - this was done since the new striping must be applied to a fresh, smooth surface. The asphalt then had to set for several weeks before the next step
  3. Patterned surfaces and reflective striping was added to several crossings in November and the remainder will be completed in December


While this work is being completed by a contractor, questions may be directed to Belleair's Construction Project Supervisor, Keith Bodeker: (727) 408-4860 or

  1. Keith Bodeker, Belleair's Construction Project Supervisor, smiling in front of an American flag.

    Keith Bodeker

    Construction Project Supervisor
    Phone: (727) 408-4860

An intersection along Indian Rocks Road has been milled, meaning a layer of asphalt was removed
A new layer of asphalt was added to the intersection of Indian Rocks Road and Sunny Lane
Indian Rocks Road and Hunter Memorial Park are now connected with reflective crosswalks