Virtual Meeting Instructions

Finding Meeting Links

In response to COVID-19, the Town of Belleair has been streaming all public meetings via Zoom in addition to in-person participation options. We encourage you to attend virtual meetings by following the below steps:

  1. Visit the agendas & Minutes web page
  2. Click on “See Belleair’s agendas and minutes now"
  3. Click on “Agenda” for the meeting you would like to join
  4. Follow the Zoom meeting instructions on the first page of the agenda document

Upcoming Commission Zoom links are also posted directly to the Agendas & Minutes web page and to Belleair’s Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor accounts a few days before meetings. Citizens are welcome to speak on any topic during the “Citizens’ Comments” section of each meeting.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Please watch the video below to learn how to join a Zoom meeting as a participant. 

How to Virtually Participate in Citizens’ Comments

General citizens’ comments are heard at the start of each public meeting, at which time the Commission or advisory board will call for comments or questions that are not related to an item on the agenda. Attendees may also ask questions or provide feedback for specific agenda items throughout the meeting. In accordance with the options listed below, citizens have three ways to submit comments to the Commission.

  1. VIA THE ZOOM INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL MEETING: Citizens may read comments aloud and in real-time via Zoom on their computer or mobile device. To do this, citizens must have a working microphone on their device and must use the “raise hand” feature during the meeting to be placed in the queue. All participants are muted on Zoom until the moderator un-mutes them after they “raise” their hand.

  2. VIA THE ZOOM CALL IN AND INTERACT OPTION: Citizens may read comments aloud and in real-time via the Zoom phone call. Pressing *9 while in the call will activate the “raise hand” feature that places callers in a queue. All participants are muted on the phone call until the moderator un-mutes them after they “raise” their hand.

  3. VIA THE LISTEN IN THROUGH YOUR COMPUTER OPTION: Any citizen may email comments to prior to 5:45 pm on the day of the meeting to have their comments read into the record on their behalf during the meeting.


Any questions about public meetings may be directed to Belleair’s Town Clerk, Christine Nicole, at (727) 588-3769 x 312.