Teen Leadership Program

The Teen Leadership Program is a summer volunteer opportunity for teens entering 8th-12th grade. Your commitment will include completing a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks, morning, afternoon or both, with the Belleair Parks and Recreation Summer Camp Program.

Required Program Packet Includes:
1. Program Application
2. Activity Waiver signed by legal guardian
3. Application Essay
4. Letter of recommendation from a non-family member
5. Applicants must schedule an interview upon submission of packet (*Applicants will be contacted to schedule and interview at a later date.)

A limited number of teens will be accepted each summer. The application process will open in March 2021.

Program Objectives and Responsibilities Include: 
  • Time Management 
    - Assist counselors with transitions to and from activities and rec locations 
  • Marketing
    - Produce a short social media story reviewing a day in the life at camp 
  • Recreation Programming
    - Run 3 group games during the week, with assistance from group counselor
  • Leadership Challenges
    - Challenges promoting leadership and team building
  • Cash Handling
    - Assist with the selling and distribution of snacks/lunch
  • Public Speaking
    - Assist with group and camp announcements for the day/week
  • Camper Safety
    - Secondary check-in and roll call for their assigned group