Hurricane Irma

Starting on Tuesday, September 5, the Town of Belleair will be using this page as a Hurricane Irma blog that includes up-to-date information, links, and FAQs to help you prepare accordingly for the storm. For more information, residents may call Pinellas County Emergency Management at (727) 464-3800.

  • Click here to view up-to-date spaghetti models of Hurricane Irma
  • Click here for evacuation zone and shelter information within Pinellas County

Current Information (Updated Thursday, September 14 at 3:30 pm)

  • Click here to view a press release from Thursday, September 14.
  • Our main dispatch line is still open for questions at (727) 588-3769.

Town crews and contactors are currently around town conducting damage assessment and clearing streets and debris to clean up Belleair. Please be assured that the Town is doing everything it can to recover from Hurricane Irma stronger than ever. See below for some quick information about key topics.

  • Hours of Operation: All Town offices are closed today and will remain closed until further notice. The Dimmitt Community Center will re-open fully on Monday, September 18. However, the center is currently opened at a limited capacity and is running a "Hurricane Camp" on Thursday and Friday for elementary and middle school children - call (727) 518-3728 for more information.
  • Charging Station: The Dimmitt Community Center has opened a charging station in the gymnasium that is open to the public from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm daily (we provide the power, you bring your own cable). Please note that the Town cannot provide WiFi.
  • Debris: Debris collection will begin today and will continue throughout the week, provided that debris are placed in the right-of-way. At this time, permits are not required to remove trees affected by Hurricane Irma. Please do NOT place debris in the street. Debris and waste should be placed in separate piles for (1) regular solid waste pickup, (2) vegetative debris including limbs, branches, etc., and (3) separate piles for each type of damaged good including fences, carpeting, appliances, etc. It is also important to keep electronics separately sorted from other debris.
  • Drinking Water: Belleair's tap water is safe to drink and there is no boil water advisory.
  • Duke Energy: The Town of Belleair has been informed that power in Pinellas County will be restored by Friday, September 15 at midnight but has no specific information regarding Belleair's power. Residents may call Duke at 1-800-700-8744 with any power-related questions or concerns.
  • Sandbags: If residents have leftover sandbags from Hurricane Irma, the Town advises them to save them until the end of hurricane season or to dump the sand into their flowerbeds. Please do not put sandbags in trash cans or with debris.
  • Sanitary/Sewer Issues: For issues with sanitation and sewer issues, residents may call Pinellas County Utilities Dispatch at (727) 464-5801.
  • Solid Waste: The Solid Waste collection schedule will remain on the normal schedule for this week. There will be no recycling collection this week.

Monday, September 11

The Town of Belleair lost internet connection on Monday and was not able to update this blog throughout the day. Please see Tuesday's updates for recaps of key information.

Sunday, September 10

5:00 pm: Following Hurricane Irma, the Sheriff’s Office will be restricting access into Pinellas County. Click here to see the news release.

4:45 pm: Via Duke Energy: Florida customers, click here to learn how to report an outage.

12:30 pm: All entrances and exits to Pinellas County will be closed later today once Irma gets closer. Residents are advised to get off the roads as soon as possible and to prepare appropriately.

11:40 am: As Irma approaches, please remove any last-minute debris, trash cans, signs, or other items from your yards and lawn and cover any windows that you can.

Saturday, September 9

3:20 pm: The Town of Belleair would like to ask all residents to manually shut off irrigation systems, such as sprinklers, as soon as possible due to the impending arrival of hurricane Irma.

11:45 am: As a reminder, the Dimmitt Community Center is NOT a public shelter and there are no public shelters in Belleair. Largo High School is the closest shelter to Belleair. To view a complete list of shelters, click here.

9:20 am: Pinellas County has announced a mandatory evacuation for Zone B, effective immediately. As a reminder, this includes Bayshore 2, South Garden 4, South Garden 6, and South Garden 8 in RPD.


Friday, September 8

1:00 pm: All Town offices are closed today through Monday as Belleair transitions to emergency command. Our main phone line - (727) 588-3769 - will remain open during the entire event. Also, the Solid Waste Department and the Police Department would like to remind residents to remove all trash cans, bags, debris, and any other items from their yards, curbs, and porches so they do not cause damage during Hurricane Irma. Clearing this debris by 7:00 pm tonight is a code requirement and will be enforced.

Thursday, September 7

5:15 pm: The 5:00 pm National Hurricane Center released its 5:00 update which shows a westward shift. Click here to see the map or view the image below.

5:00 NHC Hurricane Irma Update

3:50 pm: Due to questions regarding the evacuation zones for RPD units, please see the following breakdown.


  • St. Andrews Island
  • Seaside 1
  • Seaside 2
  • Seaside 3
  • The Oaks
  • Bayshore 1


  • Bayshore 2
  • South Garden 4
  • South Garden 6
  • South Garden 8

1:20 pm: Pinellas County has issued an evacuation mandate for Zone A for 6:00 am on Friday, September 8. Please check your zone here and make plans accordingly.

Evac Zones

1:00 pm: The Town has just received additional empty bags for sandbag filling - they are now available in Town Hall and at the Public Works building.

Sandbag filling

12:00 pm: All recreation programs and activities are cancelled at this time. This includes bridge, SilverSneakers, Zumba, Afterschool Pickup, Funky Friday, etc.

9:15 am: The Town is now out of bags for sandbags; however, there is still bunker sand available if you wish to bring your own bag and shovel.

Wednesday, September 6

2:45 pm: The Police Department and the Solid Waste Department would like to remind residents to secure their trash and recycling cans in preparation for Hurricane Irma so that they can not cause damage during the storm.

2:15 pm: Bunker sand is now available for pickup at the corner of Golfview Drive and Poinsettia Road, and will remain available while supplies last from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily. Residents must fill their own bags - there will be no staff assistance. Empty sand bags are available for free at Town Hall and at the Public Works building with a limit of 10 bags per person. A select number of shovels will be available on-site later this afternoon for sandbag use; however, we recommend bringing your own shovel.

A big thank you to the Doyle family for donating this sand from the Belleview Biltmore golf course and for working with the Town to make this sand location a possibility.

Sand bag location

10:00 am: Belleair residents will not need a re-entry pass to get back to Belleair after the storm - these passes may be required for beach communities, but not for Belleair.

Tuesday, September 5

3:00 pm: As of yesterday, Governor Rick Scott declared Florida to be in a state of emergency due to Hurricane Irma. There have been no evacuation notices for Pinellas County issued at this time; however, the Town of Belleair would like to stress the magnitude of this storm by encouraging early evacuation for residents - especially those living in evacuation zones (click here).