Capital Projects

Current Projects In Design or Discussion

Indian Rocks Road Project-

Phase 1 Anticipated Groundbreaking - January 9, 2023

The Indian Rocks Road Capital Project is a state funded project that will include complete roadway reconstruction, stormwater system improvements, and a new multimodal sidewalk, which includes a pedestrian walkway and bike path. The image below depicts the new multimodal sidewalk, which will be on the east side of the road for phase 1:

Depiction of multimodal sidewalk

This project will be phased into 3 parts:

  • Phase 1- Mehlenbacher Road to Poinsettia Road
  • Phase 2- Poinsettia Road to Carl Avenue
  • Phase 3- Carl Avenue to Belleview Boulevard

Phase 1 of the Indian Rocks Road project is on track for estimated groundbreaking on January 9, 2023, with estimated completion in early Fall of 2023. Message boards will go up in advance to notify of the project's start date. Road closures are expected to begin on January 23. Access for local traffic will be maintained, however, there will be signage in place to direct thru traffic to the appropriate detour. The detour route will include the use of Mehlenbacher Rd, Clearwater Largo Rd, and Ponce de Leon Blvd, as detailed in the map below:

Indian Rocks Road Phase 1 - Construction Detour Map

The engineer of record is also in the process of gathering survey and geotechnical data in preparation for phase 3, which will be completed before phase 2. 

Carl Avenue and Shirley Avenue- 

The Carl and Shirley Capital Project is anticipated to include paving and drainage enhancements with estimated groundbreaking in April 2023.  The project will include adding sidewalks on both sides of the street as well as street lighting on Carl Avenue and Shirley Avenue. The engineer of record is in the process of developing 100% plans.

Bluff Erosion Restoration- 

In July 2022, the Mayor signed a cooperative funding agreement with Southwest Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to conduct a feasibility study that will investigate the potential erosion of the Bluff shoreline along Bayview Drive. Erosion is generally caused by wave activity and groundwater discharge. The study is meant to assist in determining options to address these issues and maximize natural system restoration opportunities as well as water quality. Town staff is maintaining weekly discussions with SFWMD to ensure the project remains on track. A bid award for the Bluff study is expected in January 2023. Staff has also entered an agreement with a Master Arborist to take a detailed inventory of trees along the Bluff. For questions or inquiries regarding the restoration of the Bluffs, contact Ashley Bernal, Assistant to the Town Manager, at

Mehlenbacher Road Water Main Improvements- 

This project will consist of the rehabilitation of the existing water main on Mehlenbacher Road, to improve its overall performance. This is likely to include removal and rerouting in specific locations. This project is being completed by Pinellas County. For more information about this project, please contact Pinellas County. Stay tuned for further updates!

Rattlesnake Creek

The Town of Belleair, Pinellas County, and Largo have been meeting to discuss a shared agreement for a preliminary engineering report regarding Rattlesnake Creek. The objective of this project is to investigate and recommend alternatives to improve stormwater management and present flood protection measures while addressing erosion control and sediment management needs of the channel. This will include site investigation, data collection, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, and a presentation of an implementation plan with permitting requirements. This project is expected to span one year, starting mid 2023.