Town Manager

Gay Lancaster

Gay Lancaster was hired in May 2022 as the Interim Town Manager for the Town of Belleair, under a 4-month contract. Ms. Lancaster was selected by Town Commission out of 4 candidates that interviewed for the position. The 4-month contract was set to end in September 2022. Due to the current state of the Town and its ongoing projects, as well as the work being completed by Ms. Lancaster, Town Commission voted on September 6, 2022 to extend her contract for 8 additional months. They also voted to remove the word "Interim" from her title for the remainder of her contract, to ensure she has the influence necessary to continue her work. 

  1. Gay Lancaster

    Town Manager
    Phone: (727) 588-3769 x 205

Photo of Town Manager, Gay Lancaster, smiling as she holds up a piece of paper.