Capital Improvements Plan

On May 2, 2017, Belleair's Commission unanimously approved the following Capital Improvements Plan to guide the Town through another fifteen years of development and progress.

Please note that the below dates are subject to change. If the road is not marked, it has either already undergone construction or is not slated for construction over the next fifteen fiscal years.

Over the past seven years, improving Belleair’s infrastructure has been a major focus for our Town, as many large projects have been scheduled and completed since 2010. It is the belief of Town staff, board members, and the Commission that such projects have been great milestones for Belleair, and should be a continued focus.

Moving forward, sixteen additional capital improvements projects have been scheduled for completion within the next fifteen years. Beneath this letter is a map denoting this plan, along with a prioritization ranking, estimated timeframes, and details regarding the scope of each project.

The process for selecting and prioritizing these projects has been a year-long enterprise, as Town staff has been closely-assessing our infrastructure and analyzing the cost impacts via several condition sets. First, staff utilized data provided by Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) to measure current conditions and distress levels of all of the roads in town. Next, public works staff conducted a town-wide visual inspection and ranking of all of the roads and drainage components throughout town; considering factors such as safety, runoff time, lighting and drainage. This information was then combined into a composite ranking.

It is important to note that this ranking also takes into account projects whose construction is dependent upon the completion of surrounding improvements. For example, Bayview Drive was completed last year largely because the piping and drainage inherent with that project had to be completed first in order for future, more eastward drainage systems and outfalls to operate properly.

Aside from completion dates, some capital projects will be completed at different levels, depending on the needs of each area. This creates a distinction from a roadway being a “total re-construction” versus a “mill and re-surface” project. Total re-construction projects are more extensive and include the need for piping and road-base repair. Alternately, mill and re-surface projects are less invasive and require the stripping and replacement of aspalt alone; these projects can be completed in a more timely fashion and are far more cost-effective.

It is the belief of Belleair’s elected officials and staff that this plan will move our Town into a new era of capital improvements, and will continue to make Belleair a beautiful and prosperous place to live.

For more information on current and future capital projects, contact Keith Bodeker at (727) 588-3769 x 415.

To view or download the map for this plan, click here.

This plan made possible in-party by Penny for Pinellas.