Athletic Fields and Tennis Complex

Adjacent to the Dimmitt Community Center, Belleair’s athletic fields and tennis complex offer a wide range of recreational activities. 

Sitting closest to the Dimmitt Community Center is Brewster Field, which is the larger of the two athletic fields. The East Field, while slightly smaller than Brewster, features a swing set, pavilion with picnic tables, and a charcoal grill. The East Field pavilion is available for rent, and may be booked at the Dimmitt Community Center. The Tennis Complex consists of three hard courts and a covered pavilion. Use of the Tennis Complex is restricted to tennis members, who may register at the Dimmitt Community Center. Contact the Dimmitt Community Center at (727) 518-3728.

The Belleair Parks and Recreation Department is authorized to block use of athletic fields and courts for special programs and events.


The following amenities are available at our Athletic Fields and Tennis Complex: 

  • Athletic Fields
  • Bench Swing 
  • Drinking fountains
  • Monument
  • Outdoor Grill 
  • Picnic tables with pavilions
  • Playground
  • Swing set with ADA swing 
  • Tennis courts 
  • Toddler playground