Planning & Zoning Board

The Planning & Zoning Board oversees the implementation, operation, effectiveness, and status of the Belleair Land Development Code, and recommends amendments to this Code for consideration of the Town Commission as requested by citizens or recommended by staff to improve upon or facilitate code enforcement or land use policies and procedures. The Board also conducts hearings to gather information for recommendation to the commission with regard to requests for zoning changes, variances, and all major development proposals and applications within the Town. 


The Planning & Zoning Board consists of seven members with experience in the field of planning and zoning and, whenever possible, includes at least one each with experience in the following areas: an architect or landscape architect, neighborhood activist, realtor or developer, and a natural or environmental scientist.

  • Term of office: Two years, staggered
  • Meetings: Second Monday of February, June, August and November at 5:30 pm. Additional meetings scheduled as needed
  • Staff: Ashley Bernal, Assistant to the Town Manager


The current Planning & Zoning Board members are listed below.

  • Jim Millspaugh - Chair (serving since 2009)
  • Pam Kern (serving since 2019)
  • Peter Kyres (serving since 2020)
  • Joe Namey (serving since 2019)
  • Brand Shank (serving since 2018)
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy
  • Commission Advisor: Commissioner Tom Shelly