Historic Preservation Board

The Historic Preservation Board was established to encourage the preservation and restoration of the Town's historic resources through public awareness and education. Structures at least 50 years old are considered to have historical value and significance.


The Historic Preservation Board consists of seven members and is comprised of citizens from various professional backgrounds.

  • Term of office: Two years, staggered
  • Meetings: Tuesday (2nd or 4th depending on the month) at 4:00 pm in February, June, August and October
  • Staff: Cathy DeKarz, Management Analyst


The current Historic Preservation Board members are listed below.

  • Patricia Irwin - Chair
  • Cay Ludden - Vice Chair
  • David Hutcheson
  • Kathy Gaston
  • Nancy Reardon
  • Robert Barris
  • Jordan Hidalgo
  • Commission Advisor: Commissioner Thomas Nessler